5 Foods for Flawless Skin

October 31, 2019

What you eat is vital for your skins health. We all know the phrase "you are what you eat," right? Here are five foods (in no particular order) that will help your skin get that gorgeous glow from the inside out. Eating your water is something that some people forget you can do too. Incorporate these foods into your diet and you definitely will not regret it! 






1. Salmon


  • HIGH Omega-3 [Maintains healthy cell membranes]

  • May help fight eczema

  • Great source of Vitamin E, protein, and zinc



2. Blueberries





  • Most anti-oxidants per serving of most fruits and berries

  • Vitamin C rich

  • Anti-Aging







3. Spinach


  • Rich in:

    • Folate [B Vitamin that aids in repair of DNA]

    • Vitamin A

    • Iron [Aids in circulation]

    • Vitamin K [Prevents varicose veins]

  • 96% Water

  • May reduce risk of skin cancer

  • Beta-Carotene [helps repair skin cells]



4. Apples




  • Vitamin A

  • Contains quercetin [sun damage fighting anti-oxidant]

  • 84% Water







5. Almonds






  • Packed with Vitamin E [Anti-oxidant that fights sun damage]

  • Helps maintain healthy weight

  • Mono-unsaturated fats [Keeps cell membranes strong]






Natural Skin Science is packed to the brim with all of these nutrients. Our products will bring you instant gratification and I want to warn you, just like exercise, adding these nutrient rich foods to your diet will not bring an instant glow. Your body needs time to absorb everything so please remember to give it some time.