September 28, 2019



Before we start, you should know that I struggled with large, very noticeable pores for about half of my life due to my poorly executed attempts at fixing my acne. Prescriptions, over the counter products, and my home remedies did nothing but make my acne worse which in turn made my pores much more noticeable. My pores were like this because they were full of dirt, dead skin, sebum, and sometimes debris. Throughout the whole process of trying to fix my skin, I almost ruined my pores! A change in habits, finding the right skincare, and absolute diligence to a skincare routine truly made difference for me. Now, on to the remedies.



Steam Bath! 


You need a towel, a sink or large bowl, boiled distilled water and two drops of peppermint oil (optional). Place drops of peppermint oil in bowl or sink, pour in boiling water, close your eyes, then drape the towel over your head while placing your face in the steam. The key is to allow no steam to escape. Steam 15-20 minutes.


For a deep cleansing, follow the steam bath with our Signature Face Wash using the steam. Rinse with the water in your sink. Gently pat your face dry and tone with our Radiance Toner!



Use the correct products for your skin.


If oiliness is your skingame, stay away from products that promote moisture because that will clog your pores. Products for acneic and oily skin typically calm oiliness down with drying agents. If your skin feels very tight, the product is too drying and will only make you oilier. Products that promote moisture will be useful for mature skin as well as any type of dry skin. If you have sensitive skin, avoid chemicals and heavy fragrances at all cost. Combination skin? Two choices, use moisturizing products for your dry areas and products that target oiliness for your oily areas. The second (and BEST) choice is using Natural Skin Science because it's effective and safe for ALL SKIN TYPES.




Purchase non-comedogenic (non-clogging) makeup. Know your skin type. Liquid for dry skin and powder for oily. Large pores are exposed and clogged by liquid makeup. Forgetting to wash off makeup is clogtown for your pores. Solution? ALWAYS wash it off, wear it sparingly, and wear the right type for your skin type. Oh, another tip. Gently dab your face with tissue or kleenex after application. Simple but it helps.



STOP touching your face




I used to touch my face literally all the time until I learned about the difference in oils produced by the human body. Your face naturally creates sebum which hydrates your face. Your hands produce a different oil that will clog your pores due to how thick it is. This oil mixed with sebum, pollutants, dead skin cells, and oxidants will clog those pores. Use the back side of your hand if absolutely necessary. 






Wash sheets and pillowcases AT LEAST once a week



Think about it. You sweat when you sleep. Your body sweat, head sweat, and hair oils are all soaked into your pillowcases. This will clog pores. Furthermore, if you have long hair, you should probably tie it back when you sleep and if you style with product, use a clarifying wash to thoroughly cleanse your hair. Like oils produced