Top 9 Reasons to LOVE Mango Butter

August 17, 2019

Mangoes are a brilliant fruit, like all fruit is honestly. The scientific name for mango is Mangifera Indica. Now you have some trivia knowledge!


Mangoes are originally found in South East Asia and mango butter actually has a very mild or neutral scent. 




The multitude of healing benefits that mango brings to your skin is astounding. This fruit is jam-packed with nutrients and antioxidants; Vitamin A, linoleic acid, Vitamin C, and oleic acid to name a few. 


Don't be scared of the word "acid." They're naturally occurring fatty acids from animal and vegetable fats that your body absolutely loves, including your skin. We here at Natural Skin Science obviously don't use any animal fats in ANY of our products. 


Anywho, back to mangoes and this list that is in no particular order.



#1. This stuff has collagen producing properties!

Youth is maintained

with collagen. As we age, the production of this magical protein decreases. Collagen smooths out your face by naturally plumping it up and also softens the skin. As stated before, mangoes contain Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known for stimulating the production of collagen.




#2. Bring relief to that sunburn.


The inflammation properties of this fruits' nutrients can and will help calm down the pain and appearance of sunburns. Having the inflammatory agents that mango butter has, it will calm the pain from the sunburn and also add the needed moisture to the skin for repairs. Not only will it help fade sunburn but it will also help prevent a sunburn. The antioxidant properties will help keep those UVA and UVB rays at bay. It will not replace a full spectrum sunblock but it will help if you have small daily activities out in the sun or if you're in the sun a minimal amount of time. If you're a sunbaby, still apply that sun block, baby. 




#3. Acne? This will help.

Mango Butter is noncomedogenic which means that it will not clog your pores. This is bringing moisture to your face that will not cause breakouts. If you are on the oilier side, start out in tiny tiny increments so that you don't over moisturize. The anti-inflammatory properties will also keep acne at away. 



#4. Dry skin no more