Skin feeling like a desert?

February 22, 2019

Oh dry skin. The other side of the spectrum. While Natural Skin Science was created to aid in the reduction of acne, the reason that it came to fruition is because it is skincare FOR ALL. Whether you have dry, acneic, oily, sensitive, aging, or combination skin, Natural Skin Science has you covered. What you have selected this blog for though is dry skin. You want to know the five "w's" and how to fix it, no? Well let us begin and as always, let me know if this helps or if you need extra help beyond this blog. 


Who- It can affect anyone. You may even know why you have dry skin. If you take Retin-A or any derivatives, your skin may be dry due to the medication. You may be more likely to have dry skin if you suffer from hypothyroidism, diabetes, eczema or psoriasis, or even malnutrition. Additionally, medication for high blood pressure has a dry skin side effect. Those who live in certain temperatures might experience dryness along with those who partake in long, hot showers. We can't forget those who continually forget to apply moisturizer.


What- Dry skin is skin that is lacking proper moisture. Simple as that. Your skin either is not producing enough natural oils or you are stripping your skin of those needed natural oils. You might even find yourself doing both. Another scenario is probable and that is the lack of applying any moisturizer. Even if you are oily, your skin still needs some added care. If you have dry skin, it's possible to have dullness, flakes or redness and itchiness is common. 


Where- It can be everywhere. From your face to your toes, dry skin does not care. It is most frequently found on the arms, hands, lower legs, and abdomen though. If pregnant, you may notice dryness around your breasts. Those that live in area that are either very hot or very cold will be susceptible to dry skin. 


When- This skin condition can happen at any time of year but it may happen more frequently during the cold, winter months. The same can be said of the hot, dry summers that one may experience. Pregnancy can cause dry skin due to hormone changes. 


Why- There are plenty of causes for dry skin and most of those are external. The relief is that most external causes are accompanied with external cures. Like stated earlier, medication may have an effect. If you are taking a diuretic for high blood pressure, extra water is flushed out along with sodium which will leave you feeling hydrated. Dehydration will lead to dry skin. Dry skin is a side effect of Retin-A too but the reason is not due to your body releasing water. Your skin cell turnover is increased with the use of Retin-A. This means that your skin is making new skin at a faster rate which may lead to your top layer of your skin, the epidermis, to have dried up, old, dead skin cells setting. The Retin-A is also helping your pores by turning over the skin cell renewal inside so that clogging is less likely. With the advanced cell renewal, dark spots, freckles, and texture are all improved with the proper care for your skin. If you suffer from eczema or psoriasis, the Perfect Moisturizer has shown significant improvements in the skin as far as providing moisture. These conditions may need help from a doctor if severe enough. Other medical conditions may bring dryness. Diabetes brings fluctuations with glucose levels and that may cause dehydration. Since dry skin can lead to cracks and openings in the skin, anyone with diabetes needs to skin healthy at all times because those openings can increase the chance of infections. With hypothyroidism, the low levels of the thyroid hormone can reduce the amount of oil your ski produces. Alas, if you are not eating enough food ,your body is lacking needed nutrients. What you eat gives your body energy to function properly and remember that skin is your largest organ. The less nutrients to go around means that your skin will be left dried out. 

Now for external. That long, hot shower we all love to take is another cause that dries out your skin. You natural oils that protect your skin can be washed away with prolonged exposure to water let alone hot water. Another culprit in the shower is your slap. Many soaps on the market offer deodorant or antibacterial properties but these can cause dryness. The oils produced by your skin are washed away with all of those bubbles and lather. That squeaky clean isn't always the best option and shouldn't be your goal. Generally speaking, unless your daily activities include oil rigs, cleaning ditches, or if you are a child, you don't get that dirty. You do not need to scrub that vigorously. Speaking of vigorous scrubbing, too much exfoliation can cause dry skin because you are literally stripping your skins natural oils, constantly scraping off your fresh epidermis, and leaving it vulnerable to the elements. Doing this paired with no moisturizing? You're asking for dry skin. You may find yourself applying your moisturizer at the wrong time or not allowing time for it to set in. That could be a cause. What you choose to wear may affect your skin. if you wear something itchy, that usually means your skin doesn't like it. Also a cause. Another one that may fly over your head is the weather! If you live in a very hot or cold area, the air around you is sucking up all the moisture from your skin. Did I already say that if you don't apply moisture anywhere, that could be your leading cause?


How- Moistur