10 reasons why you may be Fighting acne pt. 2

December 15, 2018

Ok. So we read part one already, right? If not, get over to that blog for some life changing tips on how to get rid of acne! Real quickly, acne is tough and getting through it is just as if not more tough. Know that anyone who holds this against you or teases you about this isn't worth keeping around. There is no room for Negative Ned's and Nancy's. It's a skin condition that affects people from ALL walks of life whether you're homeless or living in a billion dollar residence. You are NOT ALONE! Ok, so in part one, we listed five of the top ten causes of acne and here is part two! Five more causes and even more solutions coming your way in three, two, now!



Dirty Skin - When you think of causes, this is what comes to mind. My skin is breaking out because my skin is dirty. Simple concept but do you know what the cause to your dirty skin is? Are you washing your face at least twice a day? Are you using a product with chemicals? Did you buy the correct products for your skin type? What's happening with your moisture? Is there exfoliation happening? Let's address all of these questions right now. Washing the compilation of dirt, oil, and dead skin off of your face from your sleep is just as important as washing off the days filth. Your pores will clog due to the build up. When it comes to chemicals, you're probably used to the "acclimation period" where you switch to a new product and experience a break out. This usually only lasts a week or so but that is your skin getting used to a variance in the chemicals used if not just getting used to a brand new chemical. If you do not know your skin type and purchase an incorrect product, you will experience a break out. Natural Skin Science works for everyone, whether you experience oily, dry, combination, aging, or even sensitive skin and that is because we are letting Mother Nature do what she intended with making these ingredients. We have no chemicals for your skin to "get used to" and you not only see instant results, but you feel them. If you must remain stubborn and refuse to be a part of the Glow Squad, first find out what type of skin you have. This will help you make a more educated choice when it comes to products you purchase for taking care of your skin. Another component to proper skincare is moisture and exfoliation. Once you find your skin type, knowing what moisture it needs will help. If oily is your skin game, then avoid products that are heavy in moisturizing. Anything with the word "cream" in it will likely be too much. Anti-aging products are filled with moisture, so avoid these as well. Quick tip: Oily skin has a natural ability to fight aging due to your skin continually producing needed moisture. The moisture that deep set lines and wrinkles lack. Our Radiance Toner will help regulate your oil production so that you do not produce an excess amount and only enough that Your skin needs. If you battle dry skin, invest in hydration! When it comes to natural hydration, The Perfect Moisturizer has a track record of providing the perfect amount of moisture. For the combination skin population, know the areas of your face. Know where you have oiliness and where you need moisture. You will need to apply the proper products for the specific areas of concern. You need to find the right balance of moisture for your face. Once you find the balance of moisture, you will no longer over or under moisturize. I know this all seems like tedious work but this IS your face. It's the very first thing people see when you walk into a room, it's something that people remember and your skin is the largest organ of your body. Let's take care of it! When we move to exfoliation, you need to learn to balance this too. If you exfoliate more than twice a week, that is too much unless you use a very gentle exfoliation. Your skin is raw, open and susceptible to much more. If you are prone to touching your face with your hands, you are prone to applying bacteria to your face with every point of contact. Not only are you placing oil from your hands on your face but bacteria from anything that you've touched is there too. The oils and sweat from your hands will do the same as the oils from your scalp and lead to clogged pores. With your pores open from over exfoliation, that leaves them to even more possible infection. If you have no exfoliation in your skincare routine, you need to get some. Before I explain the importance of exfoliating, there are two types of exfoliant; chemical and physical. Physical exfoliation is a material or tool that is used to exfoliate like grains or spices, beads or even shreds of fruit. Brushes and shaving are even physical exfoliants. Shreds of fruit, like those found in St. Ives have been known to actually microscopically cut your skin, which is not the way to go. Beads have been banned in countries across the world due to their environmental effects. When you shave your legs, you may notice that your skin seems lighter. It is and that's because you shaved off the dead skin and whatnot that was sitting on the top layer of skin. In a chemical exfoliation, there is a chemical involved in the process. This sounds scary but not all chemicals are man made and there are two types used in skincare: AHA, alpha-hydroxy acids, and BHA, beta-hydroxy acids. Lactic and glycolic acids are the two most popular AHAs and salicylic acid refers to BHAs. Salicylic and glycolic acids are preferred for acne treatments because they dissolve the proteins that clog pores along with exfoliating the skin. The levels that you will see in the department stores are going to range up until about 2%. Any more and you would need to seek a professional like a dermatologist, esthetician, or even a nurse. Physical exfoliants may upset your skin as too much exfoliation is happening but that all depends on your skin, how gentle you are when applying, and what type of physical exfoliant you use. Like with the St. Ives, you want to steer away from something that is too abrasive. As far as chemical exfoliants, before you use anything on your face, you need to make sure your skin will not have a negative reaction. To do this, simply do a spot test on your inner elbow or your jaw line. If no extreme redness, agitation, or  you see no reaction, congratulations! You're not allergic! If you do, it may be too much for you. Don't worry, Natural Skin Science is here and we have no chemicals. When you exfoliate, your toner, serum, and moisturizer is able to penetrate deeper into your polished skin and the dead skin cells are removed. It makes a better surface for your skincare to do it's job. One last thing to consider for the time being is beard hair. This is for the men who are reading this. Like the oils from your scalp, your beard hairs produce an oil too. Constant touching of this and also the skin on your face will result in a break out. Simply wash your beard with a face wash and maybe use a little more elbow grease in that area. The Radiance Toner is amazing for controlling the oil and eliminating breakouts. This one was really long because so much can be included in dirty skin. 



Hard Water - The difference between hard and soft water is simple. Hard water contains a large amount of minerals including calcium and magnesium while soft water only contains sodium. Other minerals like lime and chalk are also present but the culprits that keep your skin from actually being cleansed are the calcium and magnesium. These minerals create a film over your skin and also prevent your face and body wash to form a soapy solution therefore leaving your skin not properly cleansed. Solution?

 Water filters will come in handy, using a steam bath in your bathroom sink or buying distilled water are great alternatives. To use a steam bath you will need a pot or tea kettle, a towel large enough to drape over you and a sink or a bowl, and filtered or distilled water. Boil the water, plug the sink or get your bowl out and pour boiling water, and then lean over the water with the towel draped over you not releasing steam from any sides for 15-20 minutes. This will open up your pores and leave enough moisture on your face to use the Signature Face Wash! You can follow this with your shower and you'r