Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Essential Oils

May 14, 2018

Essential oils have been marketed as the "natural cure" for a lot of ailments however, the side affects and risks involved are often overlooked.  After you read this list, you will definitely think twice before applying essential oils to your skin or even wanting to use them for aromatherapy.

1. Carcinogenic affects (cancer causing)
Fennel, aniseed, sage, clary-sage all contain estrogen like compounds that mimic natural estrogen. Now, if you have a family history of breast or ovarian cancers, this is not a good mix for you because these are hormone based cancers that feed off of estrogen. Lavender and tea tree essential oils also contain estrogen like properties. If you’re going through puberty, you need to stay away from these certain oils. There has been documented breast growth in boys who have used them.

2. Use of Synthetic Ingredients
Manufacturers will sometimes use synthetic fragrances due to high prices of ingredients and other fragrances that cannot be obtained as essential oils. Samples include strawberry, fig, and honeysuckle and the more expensive fragrances include rose and jasmine. Synthetic ingredients can cause sensitization. 1 in 50 people will have this result. Continuous use will develop an allergic reaction. Essential oils that use synthetic ingredients commonly contain phthalates and parabens which, for the former are hormone disrupters that correlate with infertility and for the latter, are synthetic preservatives that interfere with the production and release of hormones.

3. TROUBLE during Pregnancy 
Essential oils have the ability to transfer through the placenta and during breastfeeding, women have the possibility of transferring the absorbed essential oils through their breast milk. This is why most doctors advise against its use during pregnancy and breastfeeding. While it has been used by midwives successfully you should consult with a physician before any aromatherapy or topical uses. The biggest scare is that there are certain oils considered abortifacient. Yes, that does mean they can cause an abortion. These results were in a trial for animals but I think controversy would ensue if humans were given the same test. The essential oils include mugwort ,parsley seed, pennyroyal, sage, sassafras, rue/rutin, cottonwood bark, tansy, and wormwood.

4. Increased Risk of Sunburn
Since certain essential oils cause photosensitivity, this increases your sensitivity to the suns UV rays. Citrus based essential oils are most likely to cause photosensitivity so stay away from the sun if you apply them topically. You should also apply an SPF of 30 or higher to be on the safe side. There have been cases that resulted in second and third degree burns so you have got to be careful!

5. Some oils can be POISONOUS 
Some oils are just downright poisonous and can cause irritations to the body and mind. One can experience seizures and hallucinations. This clearly limits the aromatherapy uses as well as topical uses. Camphor and clove are included on that list of poisonous essential oils.

6. Not a ton of medical research
Our government doesn’t think it’s totally necessary to conduct testing. Yes, they have been used for centuries but the variations of each batch make it far too unpredictable. The quality, quantity, and scent may be altered from crop to crop and those differences will ultimately affect the end result and potency of each oil.

7. Toxic to Children
For young children, peppermint applied in large amounts can be toxic. Use caution when used for aromatherapy and obviously topically as well.

8. Hypertension Side Affects
If you have hypertension, there are essential oils that stimulate energy and blood flow. These oils include rosemary, cinnamon and spike lavender. If you don’t know the dangers of hypertension, one of them is that your arteries start to narrow and become clogged; resulting in a thinner tunnel within blood vessels for your blood to travel through which makes your heart need to work even harder than it already is. The longer you go without treatment you are more likely to have an aneurysm, heart disease, heart failure and other types of damage to your brain. The reason the stimulation of blood flow would be bad for hypertension is that if you are not treating the condition, your blood flow is more rapid and therefore pushing more unhealthy blood through your veins. This allows more of that nasty build up to collect alongside the walls of your blood vessels.

9. Overall Wellness depletion 
Certain people might experience slight to severe headaches, nausea, or lightheadedness. While these symptoms are not common, they do happen. If you experience any of these, simply wash the application area or leave the room where the aromatherapy is taking place.

10. Possible Allergic reactions
If you’re already allergic to seasonal allergies, you are more susceptible to having an allergic reaction to certain oils. Since allergic reactions are far more present in today’s society, we want to eliminate any chances of our products containing an ingredient that could possibly send someone to the hospital. One may have mild allergic reactions including mild irritation and redness amongst other allergy symptoms like hives or an eczema flare. Symptoms can occur from both inhaling the essential oil and applying it to your skin.